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About Hunt Underwear

I worked a corporate, cubical job for many years; working hard for others building their companies and helping their dreams come to fruition. After growing tired of the commuting life, I decided to branch off on my own and actually work on something that interested me. 

As a consumer, I saw a hyper sexualized affordable underwear market that pumped out products with low quality materials and designs. Tired of these countless products that didn't reflect my aesthetic or personality, as well as being unable to afford luxury brands, I decided to create my own. With not much more than my last name, Hunt Underwear was born.

At Hunt Underwear, we offer high quality, luxurious underwear at prices that won't break the bank. If you want to feel sexy, sophisticated, and comfortable throughout the day, we are the brand for you. 

Your HUNT for great underwear ends here. 

- Stephen Hunt -