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two male underwear models sitting in front of a window

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  • Our brief chat with Mitch Mathias

    Our brief chat with Mitch Mathias

    We sat down with model, influencer, and all around nice guy Mitch Mathias. Find out how he got his start in modeling, how he spends his time off, and what underwear he loves to wear.

  • what did they wear at the first thanksgiving dinner?

    What did they wear at the first Thanksgiving?

    Clothing in the early 1600s was much different than it was today. At the first Thanksgiving, Native Americans and Pilgrims wore clothing typical for that time period. This article will give you an overview of what was worn by each group.

  • how to wash underwear guide for men, Hunt Underwear

    How to Wash Underwear

    Learn how to wash underwear properly, including information about machine washing vs hand washing, what temperature to use, the type of soap, and the best way to dry your underwear.

  • Brief guide to modal material/fabric

    Quick & Easy Guide to Modal Fabric

    Learn about modal material, its history, the key features of this fabric, how to care for it, and popular uses. 

  • Two male underwear models standing in front of a white brick wall, Best Men's Underwear Guide

    5 Tips For Buying Men's Underwear

    MEN'S UNDERWEAR GUIDE  So you have some questions about men’s underwear but don’t know ...