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Our Brief Chat with John Lauer

Written by Stephen Hunt


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Every so often we sit down with an underwear model, social media influencer, photographer, or one of our customers to talk about their life, interests, and favorite types of underwear. Today, we are excited to introduce you to John Lauer. He has burst onto the Instagram scene with his witty humor, interesting photo edits, adorable dogs, and incredible body. Check out the interview below!

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You’ve posted a lot of incredible shirtless and underwear photos this year. What inspired you to start posting them?  

I’ve been working out for 30 years, and I’m proud to be in the shape that I am.  I have a distinct memory of being young and seeing 40-50 year old men and thinking men just lost their shape as they got older.  It does change somewhat, but I think people today appreciate and understand the effects of exercise on the mind and body.  And I know it’s all temporary, so I thought I’d document what I could . . . Something to hopefully look back on one day.

Were your family and friends supportive or did they roll their eyes at all your posts?  

You know, it was a bit of a transition, but I think more for me than for them.  I have had my Instagram and Twitter accounts for years, but they were mostly trips/dogs/activities.  Then I started to migrate the accounts to their current state and a couple family members mentioned things to let me know they noticed, but nothing unsupportive.  I think a couple of them, along with me, are shocked so many people chose to follow me.  It’s very humbling and I’m very appreciative.

What’s your workout routine like and what role does health and fitness play in your life? You have such an absolutely amazing build, so feel free to share some tips!

I try to workout Monday - Friday.  I usually do dual body parts:  chest and triceps one day, back and biceps on another, and legs will be a full day by themselves.  I’ll throw shoulders in there too when and where I can.  I also try to do something aerobic at least three times a week.  My current aerobic activity is spinning.  I’ve alway tried to get into running, but just never could stick with it.  I used to cycle quite a bit, so spinning was a natural progression.  To me, exercise impacts all aspects of my life.  If I do nothing, I do start to get depressed a bit, but aerobic exercise and weight training keep that at bay for me, which my husband appreciates very much.

Do you have a day job that you’d like to share? 

I actually retired in March from a career in Investments.  Not the best timing with Covid, but all things considered, it’s been great and I’m extremely fortunate.  What’s odd is, I have still found so much needs to be done each day.  I often ask my husband, how did I find time to inject 40 hours or so of work into a week?  I really can’t fathom it anymore.

Johnsinaustin Interview questions, lifeHow did you and your husband meet and how long have you guys been married?

I discovered Austin, Texas where we live in the 90s when my parents retired here.  They were only in Austin for 3 years, but I fell in love with the city for its music scene, university-influenced thinking, and beautiful scenery.  I’d keep coming back for weekends even after they moved back North, and I was on Lake Travis here in 1999 when I met John (we have the same name).  At that point, he had a boyfriend, but I felt the attraction.  Over the next 5 years, we kept bumping into each other in different cities, but the timing was never right.  Either he had a boyfriend or I did.  Also during that time, I moved to Austin in 2001, and finally around May of 2004, the stars aligned.  I had recently broken up with my boyfriend of two years, and it was Memorial Day weekend.  John heard that I was headed out to a club named Element and I heard that he was too.  We both met there and never looked back.  We decided to get married in 2014, and we chose New York for the location.  We usually go every year to visit the city, catch some Broadway shows, etc., and since one couldn’t get married in Texas at that time, we set up a wonderful long weekend in New York for family and friends.  We are extremely grateful to have an accepting family, and we had them out to New York for what we tried to make a very New York experience for them.  Activities included watching Matilda on Broadway, a scavenger hunt game in SOHO and Tribeca, a visit to the 9/11 museum, a visit to the Empire State Building, and of course, the wedding which was held on a rooftop in SOHO.  We had my niece (and god-daughter) officiate.  For us, it was very special.

What do you guys do to keep the spark going?  

I think the best thing we’ve done to keep the spark going, and I know this will be tough for some to grasp, is that we share all of our social media accounts.  This not only leads to great communication, but we can also get a feel for what really interests the other person, and I think we are good at then bringing it up in conversation and then perhaps acting on it.

How about the rest of your family... Is it true you’re a grandfather?

It is true, and it’s wonderful.  I have a 2 year old grandson and a 7 month old granddaughter.  My daughter is amazing and fully understanding that love is love.  Although they live in another state, we try to get together every few months.  Covid has put a damper on that, but we are about to see them in a few days and very excited about it.  The last time was February right before Covid hit.

We’re suckers for pets. Tell us about your dogs!  

We love dogs.  I grew up with a beautiful English Setter named Freckles.  Then next in my 20s, I got my first dog Abby, a terrier mix shall we say.  That was followed by Alexis (a chow mix I found on the grounds of the Indiana Capitol), Ozzy (a border collie I found on the streets of Dallas), and Woody (a brindle hunting dog we found at the shelter).  Unfortunately, they have all passed, but that leads us to our two current dogs, Layla and Bodhi both of whom you’ll see pop up on my Instagram quite a bit.  Both are Lab/Pit mixes from the shelter with Layla being more Lab than Pit, and Bodhi being more Pit than Lab.  Layla we got at six months and Bodhi we got when he was seven.  They are both around 11 years now.  We are totally believers in dogs becoming family and if you adopt them, they are yours for the good and the bad.  Fortunately these two have been mostly good, although we did lose a few remotes, dress shoes (never both, just one), and a couch or two along the way.  But they are amazing and each has her/his own distinctive personality.  You’ll see me walking them all the time and I don’t know if that helps them more or me more.  

What kind of vacations do you enjoy going on?  

We really enjoy traveling when we can and have traveled to Europe and Australia a few times.  Our bucket list includes Asia, South America and Africa as well.  In the US, we have an annual trip to Provincetown which I call homecoming week because we see friends we haven’t seen all year.  We’ve also discovered Palm Springs and since I’m from the MidWest (I grew up about 10 miles outside of Chicago), we are hoping to incorporate Saugatuck, Michigan in the mix too as I used to go there quite a bit during the 13 years I lived in Indianapolis.

We’ve heard you play guitar and sing on Instagram before; you’re really good! How long have you been a musician and would you ever perform live?

I took piano lessons as a teenager, but I didn’t go very far with it.  I can slowly read music to learn a song if I really desire to, and I think most of that desire to play and sing music came from hearing Stevie Nicks in my teenage years.  There was just something about her.  I think being so far in the closet to the point that I couldn’t admit it to myself, I understand the pain in love she sang about even though she was singing about straight relationships.  But there’s something communal about desiring someone and having them reject you, and I think that happened a lot for me because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted . . . Often I would go after the wrong people and it would go nowhere.  Anyway, that pain motivated me to learn piano.  Hopefully one day, we will own one and I’ll recommit to learning it a little better.  
As for the guitar, I picked it up slightly in college, but didn’t stick with it.  Then I picked it up again in my 30s and again didn’t stick with it.  Finally, I went back to it in my 50s and have been taking lessons for the last 5 years.  There’s something inexplicable about feeling a certain way, either happy, or particularly blue and picking up a guitar and strumming a song that fits and starts to heal that mood instantly.  It’s hard to describe, but it’s cathartic and I love it.  I really don’t feel the need to sing publicly, but I have gotten interested in recording and have started to learn GarageBand and played with a few songs on there.  The deal is when I get to a point when I’m happy with a track, I will share it with friends, which I guess is a means of getting it heard while bypassing actual performing.  But who knows, maybe one day.

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures that make dance around and rock out at home?  

Oh hell yes.  There’s a meme going around that you can’t dance to Fleetwood Mac, but then it shows some very good dancers doing just that.  I too can dance to Fleetwood Mac (or maybe I can’t, but I sure do try).  But I wouldn’t consider them necessarily a guilty pleasure.  I love just about any female pop vocalist with a dance remix:  Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga.  One thing though:  musically I’ve always gravitated to the lyrics first and then the music.  I had a roommate in grad school that NEVER listened to the lyrics, so it was really kind of fun because we could share different types of music with each other because of our different approaches to listening to them.

What other activities do you do in your spare time?

Other than walking dogs, learning guitar, and doing a lot of the cooking, I also enjoy amateur photography.  We’ve got some hummingbird feeders on our balcony that have given us so many opportunities to take some great pictures.  I shoot with a Nikon and try to take that out at least once a week and on our trips.  I will say, the iPhone 11 Pro Max takes amazing pictures and most of the postings on my Instagram are from that camera, but when you see an incredible pic from the Nikon, it’s breathtaking.  My hope is to produce more Nikon photos for my Instagram Account.

What’s something you’d like people to know about you? 

Probably that I’m pretty goofy and love a good pun (which can mean REALLY BAD).  I usually gravitate towards a good comedy over drama because, let’s face it, life is serious enough sometimes and particularly in this year 2020. 


Johnsinaustin Interview questions, underwearWhat are your favorite styles of underwear to wear and why?

I tend to like briefs or boxer/briefs. I like the way they fit.

What do you look for when buying underwear?

I look for comfort primarily. And to me that means appropriate cut, and a quality/soft material for composition.

And what’s your favorite color of underwear?

Can’t go wrong with classic white, but I do also appreciate a navy or royal blue, black, or red underwear.

Finally, what do you think of Hunt Underwear?

I really enjoy them.  The material is very soft, they are well made in cut and design, and the color (I have royal blue) I like a lot.  I enjoy these very much.


Thanks for chatting, John! The story on how you and your husband met is great and your wedding sounds like it was so beautiful. We are so happy to have you as part of the extended Hunt Underwear family!

For those interested, John is wearing our blue briefs from the Classic Collection, size large.

Feel free to contact John @johnsinaustin on Instagram.