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Our brief chat with Samy Dorgham

Written by Stephen Hunt



interview with samy dorgham, model and onlyfans performer

interview questions about modeling and work

How did you get involved with modeling?

I wanted some nice photos for Instagram and I connected with a photographer to take them. A modeling scout then found the photos and asked if I was interested in signing with an agency. An interesting and random way of getting into modeling.

You’ve modeled for some top photographers, but let’s rewind to your first shoot. Were you nervous? 

I wouldn’t say I was nervous, more so self-conscious and overthinking my poses. The best lesson I learned from getting in front of the camera more often is that it is best to just be free and express yourself. Even if you think you look silly in the moment, that pose or expression can look beautiful on camera. Just be natural and don’t overthink it.

Could you share some positive experiences you’ve had modeling? Any negative?

For positives, I would say the support and encouragement I have received online. It is a great feeling knowing that people support your work.

For negatives, it would definitely be the pressure to compare yourself to other models and over analyzing your body. But, I have learned that everyone is different and comparing yourself to other is only going to derail you from your goal - which is to be the best version of YOU.

What would be your dream modeling job? 

Dream modeling job would be Calvin Klein.

You have a popular OnlyFans account. What inspired you to start and have you found it to be a rewarding experience?

With the increasing restrictions on Instagram, I had some difficulties with sharing my photos. So, I turned to OnlyFans as an alternative platform. However, it had evolved into more and I love it. It’s such a fun place to post and my subscribers make it worth it.

interview questions about life

You obviously have an incredible physique. What’s your workout routine like?

I work out 5-6 times a week. I focus on upper body and abs and work into my routine cardio and legs on a rotation basis.

Your IG profile says you’re Egyptian and Russian. Were you born in either of those places? If not, have you visited?

No, I wish! I was born in the States. But, I have traveled to Egypt several times. Russia is on my list!

What type of things do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

I love running and use it as a stress reliever. I also love hanging out with friends, shopping, and exploring new food places!

What type of guilty pleasure music do you love rocking out to at home?

I wouldn’t say it’s a guilty pleasure, per se, but I love listening to old Lady Gaga and jamming out.

If your best friend were to describe you, what do you think they’d say?

Outspoken, intelligent, and charismatic (or [that's] how I would want them to describe me haha).

What’s something you’d like people to know about you?

I’m quite different from my Instagram persona. In real life, I’m pretty reserved and, oh, I wear clothes haha.

interview questions about underwear

What are your favorite styles of underwear to wear and why?

Briefs because I feel the most free in that style.

What do you look for when buying underwear?

A thin waistband, softness, and comfortably.

And what’s your favorite color for underwear?

Navy or black.

Finally, what do you think of Hunt Underwear?

I love it! The underwear was so soft and comfortable. As you can tell in the photo, I enjoyed it 🤪


Thanks for chatting, Samy! We love your story about how you got started in modeling and your positive attitude about self expression. We are so happy to have you as part of the extended Hunt Underwear family!

For those interested, Samy is wearing our navy briefs from the Classic Collection, size small.

Feel free to contact Samy @man_the_samm on Instagram or @man_the_samm on OnlyFans.