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Our brief chat with Chauncisme

Written by Stephen Hunt


chauncisme in underwear

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Do you have a day job that you’d like to share

Human Resources

What’s your favorite part about it?

The people. Although when you first meet me you wouldn’t be able to tell I’m a people person.

We notice that you’ve dabbled in modeling. How did you get involved in that?

Dabbled? I’ve had like maybe 1 professional shoot. A great photographer from London (Arron Dunworth) visited NY and asked to shoot. I agreed. I’m actually horrible in front of the camera.

Could you share some positive experiences you’ve had modeling? Any negative?

The best experience is when you have a photographer that makes you feel completely comfortable

What would your dream modeling job be?

Any job that would take me to a remote tropical island to shoot. 

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You have an incredible build. What’s your workout routine like and what type of role does fitness play in your life?

Fitness is my lifestyle. I train 6 days a week. Weights and cardio. 1 of those days is with a personal trainer.

What music do you listen to while you’re working out?

Tribal House, preferably a Brazilian DJ.

Your Instagram celebrates the beauty of melanin, however you once mentioned that you didn’t always feel great about your dark skin. Would you mind sharing a little bit about your journey of self acceptance?

As a child I was called fat black and ugly. Kids are mean. That sticks with you. It wasn’t until my late 20s that I fully accepted and loved who I am. The darker the better. I love to tan.

How many tattoos do you have and would you share a story behind one of them?

I have 8 in total. All of them have a spiritual meaning. My relationship with God is important. I believe everyone should have a relationship with a higher power.

The tattoo down my back is ankh wedja seneb, which means life health prosperity. An ancient Egyptian blessing.

Your Instagram is filled with pictures of Brazil; how often do you travel there and why does it hold such a special place in your heart?

I go at least once a year. The last couple of years I’ve gone twice. Brazil is a magical place. For me it’s a complete departure from NYC. The pace, the energy, the people, the food, the weather, the calm of the ocean and the beautiful beaches. It’s truly my second home.

What other countries have you been to and do you have a favorite?

Brazil is my favorite lol. Next would be Spain. I’ve been to multiple cities in Colombia, Mexico, Antigua, Jamaica, PR, Canada, Iceland, UK, France, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands,  Israel, Thailand, China.

You also post a lot of beach pictures online. What’s your perfect beach day like?

Perfect beach day begins with a long quiet walk by myself on a quiet beach. Laying out on a blanket and reading a book while I tan. Breaking for lunch and then coming back to tan more drink and socialize with friends.

What’s something you’d like people to know about you?

I have layers. I share glimpses into who I am, but I’d never put it all out there.

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What are your favorite styles of underwear to wear and why?

Trunks or briefs.

What do you look for when buying underwear?

Fabric and fit.

And what’s your favorite color for underwear?

Pink and black.

Finally, what do you think of Hunt Underwear?

Comfortable, easy fit. Breathable. Perfect for laying or hot summer days. 


Thanks for chatting, Chauncisme! You are definitely fitness goals and your love of Brazil is contagious. We're booking a flight asap! We are so happy to have you as part of the extended Hunt Underwear family!

For those interested, Chauncisme is wearing our blue trunks from the Classic Collection.

Feel free to contact Chauncisme @chauncisme on Instagram.