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How Often Should You Be Changing Your Underwear?

Written by Stephen Hunt


“How often should you be changing your underwear?” is not a question we thought we’d be answering when we started this underwear blog, but if the internet asks, we are always here to answer any of your underwear related needs!

To be brief (pun intended), you should be changing your underwear regularly. Typically “regularly” means everyday, but it could also be multiple times a day if you are engaged in strenuous physical activity (i.e. working out) or if the weather is hot (i.e. temperatures that cause you to sweat). On the flip side, if you are inactive at home, sedentary, staying cool, and freshly cleaned, you could easily get away with changing your underwear once every other day. But if you’re unsure, feel free to use the shower rule to help tell you when to change your underwear - just put on a clean pair after you bathe. Simple as that!

However, if you’re curious about the specifics on why you should be changing your underwear daily, we’ve listed two main reasons below. These concerns include hygiene/health and aesthetics. 

Hygiene and Health

You might not like to hear this, but everyone’s worn underwear contains bacteria, yeast, dead skin cells, sweat, and traces of fecal matter. As you probably know from being human, throughout the day, the human body is warmest and sweatiest between our legs. This is especially true with men since our nether regions are often much hairier than the fairer sex. But all that heat and moisture will allow bacteria to thrive. When all these things build up and start to smell, your skin can become irritated, itch, and ultimately develop a rash and/or fungal infection. Some possible infections include staph infections and jock itch (the scientific name for jock itch is tinea cruris). If you don’t consistently change into clean underwear and are physically active, the likelihood of these issues happening is even higher than if you are sedentary. That’s because of the increased amount of all those residues listed above. These conditions are completely preventable if you practice good hygiene, and part of good hygiene is changing (and washing) your underwear often. 



Although health and hygiene are most important when looking into how often you should change your underwear, we also need to discuss aesthetics. It will come at no surprise to anyone that humans are vain creatures who enjoy looking good. So the first obvious aesthetic issue from not changing your underwear would be the staining caused by sweat, fluids, and fecal matter. Gross, right? 

Sweat stains fabric. Think of a t-shirt with stained underarms; so if you repeatedly wear the same underwear without washing them, they will inevitably get that crusty yellowish stain simply from dried sweat. But since underwear is in constant contact with our genitals, we also need to take into consideration genital leakage, discharges, remnants of ejaculation, fecal matter, or splash-back from urinating. All these things will stain your underwear and make them look and smell quite dirty. When these things build up, your underwear will also begin to look crusty and feel harder to the touch. If this happens to you, this is 100% a sign that you need an underwear intervention asap! If you remember what we wrote above - all that caked up residue is a buildup of unhealthy and potentially harmful bacteria. Therefore it’s best to change your underwear everyday or every other day if there is minimal “wear and tear” (ie if you’re just sitting on the couch all day long vs going to the gym sweating). 

Underwear At Hunt Underwear

One of the great things about our brand’s underwear is that our fabrics are odor resistant and wick moisture 50% better than cotton while also being super breathable. This is due to our modal fabric blends that are specially made to keep you dry and smelling fresh. To make it super simple - because our underwear are lightweight, you won’t sweat as much, but when you do sweat that moisture is wicked away quickly so you stay dry. Although we cant help you if you decide to never wash or change your underwear, staying dry and reducing odors are a huge boost to your hygiene and aesthetics. 


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So there you have it! A few major reasons why you should be changing your underwear daily and what could happen if you don’t change into a fresh pair. Happy washing :)