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  • a short history of jockstraps

    History of the Jockstrap

    This article discusses the definition of jockstraps, what they look like, why they were created, and the types of jockstraps available in today’s market.

  • John Lauer, johnsinaustin on Instagram

    Our Brief Chat with John Lauer

    Our brief interview about the life, interests, hobbies of John Lauer, @johnsinaustin on Instagram.

  • what is underwear fetishism

    Underwear Fetishism

    Learn what are the causes of underwear fetishism, common forms it takes, and if there is anything wrong with having an underwear fetish.

  • the history of mens briefs

    History of Men's Briefs

    A brief discussion about what briefs are, when briefs were invented, how they were created, what they first looked like, and some important milestones in the history of briefs. 

  • how often should you change your underwear

    How Often Should You Be Changing Your Underwear?

    A comprehensive breakdown of the hygienic and aesthetic reasons you should be changing your underwear at least everyday.